The Happn’ing

Years ago, one of the first posts I ever wrote was about my experience scripting a bot for the dating site OKCupid. It was just a PoC bashed together over a few beers with a friend.
Since then (and becoming single) I’ve scripted bits and bobs for virtually every major dating site/app… its become a bit of a weird hobby.
A while ago I wrote a reasonably feature-filled script for managing a user account on the dating app Happn, imaginatively called”. It was immediately spotted by a few Happn employees on my github, who starred the project, but then prevented it from actually working by blocking the python user-agent on the Happn servers. I made the repo private and updated it to work again, with the intention of spending some more time developing it. That time never really came and I stopped using Happn a while ago, so I made the tool public and this is just a quick post to share it.

It comes with command-line options to manage just about everything you can do within the app, as well as a few naughty/fun things to play with… such as the “warandpeace” exploit, which crashes the Happn app of a victim/target account. If you’re struggling to manage your 5k Happn bot swarm I can’t imagine writing a wrapper for this would be particularly hard 😉