For a while I was trying to do the whole online dating lark. I had some fun with it but the problem with a site like OkCupid (my poison of choice) is that you can never really tell how ‘well’ you are doing. Obviously you are doing well if you are meeting people and having fun in the process or happen to meet the love of your life, but for a competitive narcissist like me; I just wanted to know how i stacked up against other people on the site.
…scratch that. I wanted to be ‘better’ than everyone else 😛
After a few drinks with my very talented programmer buddy david we got talking about this wondered how hard it would be to script something in a few hours to play the online dating game for us, and give us the George Clooney appeal we knew we deserved. The became ‘The OkBot’.

The bot navigates the OkCupid site and visits the profiles of people all around the world, it rates them 5*s and them sends them a lovely message to brighten their day (spam alert). Anyone thats used OkC before will know that etiquette dictates that if someone views your profile and you like their picture, you view theirs back. If someone rates you 5 stars and you think they seem ‘OK’… you do the same. So this bot, left to its own devices, allows a profile to collect the ego-boosting views and ratings lonely males needs to go outside and find a real person to fornicate with.
With that in mind.. follow the path Neo:

UPDATE: I met my girlfriend on OKCupid not long after this post and we’ve been going out for the best part of 2 years! I tell everyone that I met her through this bot which spammed her something interest-piquing. Truth be told, I cant remember if thats the case or I just saw her picture and thought ‘CAWWWWWW’.